Healing and Preventing Sports Injuries

Chiropractic treatment for athletes

Whether you play sports at a high level or recreationally, run marathons or take brisk walks, we work with you on a specially-designed program to prevent or treat injuries.

The role of chiropractic care for athletes 

There’s a reason the NFL and other sports leagues use chiropractors in their training programs.

Chiropractic treatment in the elite sports world—pro, college, and Olympic—has become widespread, as coaches, trainers, and athletes see positive results from these non-invasive therapies that help heal and prevent injuries.

Whatever your athletic level or age, chiropractic care can improve strength, balance, and mobility, increasing your longevity in your sport.

Chiropractic treatment with a difference  

Our unique philosophy is to give you the tools for sustainable success.  Your treatment doesn’t end when you walk out our front door.  We teach you exercises to continue your training regimen at home.

Your personalized care plan at PrimeTime Performance Rehab targets your specific athletic needs. We use movement rehabilitation techniques and chiropractic adjustments to bring your spine, muscles, and joints into alignment and balance.

Dr. Giammarco understands how a sports injury can disrupt your athletic progress. Let us help you move beyond injury and towards a healthier future!