What to Expect During Your First Visit

Your journey with PrimeTime starts with your free Discovery Visit. During this visit, you'll be able to check out our space, learn more about our method, and find out if we're the right fit for you. 

New Patient Visit

After your Discovery Visit, you'll be able to schedule your New Patient Visit and any follow up visits online. Your New Patient Visit is an hour long session in which we'll talk about what made you seek chiropractic help and what your goals are. This visit is the foundation for your treatment. We'll also perform an assessment of where you're at in relation to your goal, which we'll use to create a treatment plan that's unique to you. 

Note: The appointment works better when we've received your information ahead of time. Please complete the intake form prior to your appointment. You will receive a link to the electronic form when you make an appointment.

To learn more about our method and what you can expect from our clinic, click here. 

Follow Up Visits

After your first visit, you'll come in for follow up visits. The frequency and amount of visits needed will depend on your progress assessment during each visit. We want all of our patients to eventually feel comfortable continuing the exercises on their own—but don't worry, we'll be here for you if you need us, even after we've graduated you from regular visits.

What to Wear

We will be working through various exercises and techniques during our appointments. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and athletic wear. If you're part of our training program, you may also choose to bring water and a towel.